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Science And Technology In VineyardsOrganic Wine
Vine clones' of the same variety, that have complementary phenotype characters, are transplanted after a long and accurate selection, in order to get ideal agronomic and oenological types.
It is fundamental to select only high quality vines to get greater value grapes and wines: this result can be obtained only by crossing different peculiarities of different clones. The cru Garnì is a perfect example of this procedure: during the reimplanation of 1995, three different clones of Dolcetto were planted (precisely CVT CN 22 clone who bears consistend medium size grapes that make a very intense ruby red wine with slight violet reflexes and high alcoholic strenght; CVT AL 275 clone who bears small grapes thath make a good bodied wine of intense and fruited aroma; CVT 8 clone who bears medium to big size grapes that make an intense and harmoniuous wine with a complex and elegant bouquet and an excellent balance between alcohol and acids). Every clone generates grapes that have particular characters: they will all contribute to produce a very defined quality wine and a masterly union nof these different types will create a real complete wine. Nowadays the selection phase is considered the fundamental step of the whole vine-growind process and the frontier of rurther developments in oenology.
An important development sector in Giribaldi firm is the production of organic wine. The project has started in 2001 and will give its first result in 2004 vintage. The awareness about ecology and health matters and a market which is more and more concerned about the use of chemical products in agriculture and food industry, have given a big input to this new anterprise
In Italy organic and biologic experiments in wine production were started, more than forty years ago, by a small group of "philosopher-farmes" and the result of their experience were acknowledged and regulated by the Europena Community only in 1991, Nowdays the "consumers" are becoming more and more "tasters" and their requests and needs are oriented towards a greater attention on "all" quality standards of wine. Foreign markete, that is even more demanding about bio guarantees, is transforming a narrow market in a great proportions business reality. Giribald firm, whose 70% of products are exported in different countries all over the planet, has mad the purpose to increase the efforts in this direction and to improve its already topmost quality standards, offering a wide range of organic wines who are bound to become the real "ambassadors" of Langhe culture all over the worlds.


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