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As wine culture is complex and subtle and needs to be instilled and taught, the standard of quality of the products we offer is excellent so as not to disappoint not only expectations, but also the imagination of people whose heart has always been with us and who have looked with longing on Piedmont as a land of dreams.
This is the spirit on which the company is based, benefiting as it does, furthermore, from the outstanding climatic and soil conditions of its vineyards combined with great passion for the craft of transforming their yeld into fine wines with such particular tasting qualities.

Azienda Giribaldi Mario was founded at the begining of the xx century and has now been farming for three generations. Times in those days were hard and agriculture was not only one of the rare sources of economic support but a reason to be proud of those strong ties with a ground that caused so much suffering. The people however, were used to sacrificing themselvers for the land.
Today following the example set by tradition, and for the love of something as genuine and alive as wine the work begun by our fathers and grandfathers before them lives on with the same passion.
Times are still hard and changeable.
The quantity produced is a final result and represents the logical consequence of a continual process of improvement and consolidation that begins with the tilling of the land and continues with the technology of transformation.

What has not changed since then is the fortunate location of the winery in the heart of the Langhe clearly an extraordinary wine growing land, but above all a land for culture and traditions. The colour, sounds, smell and flavours emerging from this area are the true expression for culture, a means of communication, an image in itself. Our efforts and commitment are directed towards these issues; making good wines produced in keeping with the traditions of our land that have the right tasting properties for everyday consumption and will prove pleasing and stimulating on every social occasion.

One of our main objectives is to better the quality of the grapes through a selection of the vine clones, without however leaving behing the other important factors in the vineyard.
A new important novelty which has been introduced into the company, is the production of biological wine. In a market which is becoming more and more aware of the use of chemical products in the alimentary sector, we thought it necessary, and interesting to move in this direction. On the other hand, biological is recognized at a European level and it is an opportunity directed not only towards a consumers niche but an increasing reality wich is destined to confront directly with the conventional production. Seeing as the demand for organic wine is increasing, above all from the overseas it is understandable that it is in our interest to work in this direction. In fact 70% of our company's production is exported in different countries.

A choice made with the intention of communicating to the world the image of our civilization, that can really be the ambassador for our wines, our people and all the other aspects of the culture of our Langhe.

Mario Giribaldi

Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi - 2004